Broken wheel on left side. What is it called and can I replace it?

The wheel on the front left side of the glowforge broke. I can’t find what exactly it’s called and looking to see how to replace it. Maybe a video?

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Do you have a picture? Here is a link to the shop with spare parts. Maybe it’ll help identify the part. There is a gantry wheel cover that is not sold in the shop. If you order parts from the shop, just be warned that shipping is 25 unless your order is 100 or more, in that case it’s best to order a few more replacement parts and maybe some materials to bring that total up since you’ll be spending the money anyways…


There are some wheels that cannot be replaced at home and will require shipping the machine to Glowforge. (Ask me how I know)

It’s frustrating but I’d recommend emailing support to be sure you’ve got a wheel that is self-serviceable.


If it is the bottom left —it is the acrylic wheel cover.

I have great news. Your machine can still run very well without that acrylic wheel cover. The actual wheel does not touch the side.

I contacted support about mine. This is a wheel they do not sell and it would be quite challenging to replace it yourself. You would have to take off the entire gantry.

Support offered me two options. I went with pay them $1200 for a replacement.

Mine broke in early July.


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