Today I tried my hand at brownies in my Glowforge!!

This was part of an April Fools joke my daughter wanted to play on her cousins! Brown Es!

This was also my first test of cutting paper in the GF! Everything went perfectly! I used the honeycomb pins to hold the paper down and leveraged some settings from others’ posts on the topic of cutting paper!

I love the precision of the GF and the things everyone has been doing with it!


I laughed at this way more than I should admit.


:rabbit:! Now I’m jonesing for the edible kind! :smile:


Ha made you look! Happy April Fools!


Me too! It’s a holiday! #cheatday!




I can’t take credit, it was my daughter’s idea! :wink:


I just thought you should know that my son (7yo) just spent 5 minutes explaining why “Brown Es” were funny. Thank you for that.


Hey @jbpa…got a question for you, totally unrelated…you know in that kerf adjusting for Fusion 360 vid that you did, you used a couple of CAM plugins for DXF.cps and Glowforge.cps…where do you find those? I didn’t see a link in the video description and I can’t find the original thread now.


Sorry @jules, I thought I put them in the description.

Check out here:


Merci beau :rabbit:!


Ha!!! And that is a great shape though for a brownie. High crisp edge to soft center ratio.


@jbpa that’s awesome!! :slight_smile:


Hey @jules is there a tutorial or good post on understand the kerf and when we need to deal with that? So far things have fit when using proofgrade but I see kerf allot…thx!


Yeah, we have quite a few of them…which software are you using for design?


Both AI and Inkscape…The kerf is the thickness of the beam correct? I need the basics on kerf! Thanks again!






@jules perfect thank you!!!


Mmmm…with black walnuts. Yum


Pecans! :rabbit2: :rabbit: :bed: