BUG: Draft Photo shows "no artwork" unless I limit speed to ~500

I have a B&W PNG image that I wish to engrave for the purposes of using it to emboss something. I.e. making a negative relief of it.

I drop the image in and it shows up in the UI fine. However, the “print” button is disabled and it says “no artwork”.

Futzing with the UI, I’ve found that it will recognize it as artwork if I limit the speed to ~500 or less.

What is going on?

How large is the photo? And is it with in the grey cutting/engraving area? The faster you go the smaller the cutting area becomes


As stated, artwork is too large for chosen speed. Change settings (slower and lower power) and it will print fine.


Artwork is about 5x6.

Odd; I wouldn’t think artwork size would have anything to do with how fast the laser head travels?

I must be confused.

Yes, the head has to slow down at the end of each pass, then speed up again after reversing direction. The higher the speed, the smaller the engrave area.

It is highlighted by “ghosting” outside of the usable engrave area.


Interesting; I’d expect the top speed could be sustained longer on wider cuts as the distance required for deceleration would be constant.

It’s covered in the documentation, It’s under the Minimize Margin category in Working With Manual Mode.


Oh! If I were to move the engrave away from the edge of the GF, would that increase the maximum speed available even while using maximize quality?

If it is centered, yes.


Zoom way out, select your art, and change the engrave speed. You will easily see the active area change.


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