Bug in the new UI for density


Unable to set minimum power to 0 when using the varying power option. This forces the laser to always be on even when engraving white areas of a design. You can trick the UI into allowing 0 by picking a proofgrade material and then switching to manual. If you adjust above 0, the UI won’t let you change it again.


Is there a bounty for bugs program yet? Some proofgrade!?

I experienced the same behavior, FWIW.


Ha, I wish. Sign me up for some free poofgrade for finding bugs. :smiley:


Mine’s in the middle of a job so I can’t check but I noticed that behavior back when the map power to grays came out. If I recall correctly you can go up to the max power level, change that and then you can change the min again. The whole feature wasn’t documented so I didn’t report it as a bug.


Thanks for the feedback – I’ve reported it!