Bug: Rotation bounding box and missing artwork

I think others have reported variations on this, but it’s my first time. Perhaps because I normally don’t do much in the UI.

Anyway, I have this design, which I copied and pasted in the GFUI to make 6 copies. I then painstakingly rotated and nudged them around in order to fit them onto the material I had available. Just to make sure an alignment problem wouldn’t cause one to go off the edge, I set all the inner parts to Ignore and ran a light score around the outside edges. Yay, it all fit perfectly! So turn the other parts back on, hit print, and wait an hour and a half.

And then I notice that one of them isn’t printing. What’s up with that?

Indeed, after the job finishes I can see it’s greyed out:

What’s going on here?

Turns out the process of rotating causes really glitchy changes in the bounding box around the artwork. Unfortunately, because I had used the GFUI as intended, to arrange things on the bed, my careful alignment was wasted and I had to eyeball the replacement’s position.

Trap for young players, I guess.


Any chance of there being a tiny dot or something else included in that one rep? (I know, you probably already thought of that).

If the design includes engraves near the edge, that could be the issue – scores will go out to the ragged edge, but engraves can be speed-limited. Can’t tell from my phone the details of your design… HTH

You guys don’t have to guess what it is. I explained the bug in my post.

I made a little recording of how it behaves as you rotate:

It’s maybe, in some sense, technically accurate because it’s using the extents of the original box, rotated. But there are two problems: the way that it’s displayed (throwing away the original rectangle and drawing a new one) is bizarre, and regardless of all that, if there’s nothing being cut or engraved outside the usable area, it should let you use it.


Thank you so much for letting us know about this. The details and screenshots are very helpful.

I’ve let the team know, and we’re looking into it now.