"Build a Snowman Family" - Show us your family!

Show us your Snowman Family from the Glowforge Catalog! I’m curious to see how everyone’s looks. I am starting these today…curious how everyone decorated or customized their ornaments. I’ll add mine once I get them done.

What is the background (back layer) of the ornament? Is that trees or mountains or up to our imagination?

I can’t wait to start! Happy Holidays to everyone, especially including our Glowforge staff!


Here is my “Snowman Family” we made for a friend. (My family is to big to make one of these…)

I added an acrylic cut-out for the back, and engraved some snowflakes in it to really make it look more like a snowglobe.

They were colored with “Colored Sharpies” and then sealed. We sealed each piece individually before glueing them together.


Really nice job!


The acrylic background is a nice touch. Your painting job looks spot on too. :blush:


Wow that is one of those “well yeah that is exactly how it should look” with the acrylic snow globe look. I had wondered about decreasing the size of the snow people to be able to add more…or maybe more layers, however, you would have to have a strong tree branch. :wink: Good job! I have both sharpies and paint pens. I have some white PatternPly from SmokeyHillDesigns so was thinking it would use it for the snow people. I see you painted in trees…answers that question! TFS

I really like the idea of making the snowmen smaller! I might try that to make one for my own family!

This one ended up taking most of my afternoon, but… A friend had mentioned that her sons weren’t coming for Christmas this year (covid), leaving her, her mother, her daughter and the cat to celebrate alone. So…

By the way - frosted acrylic is amazing! Then a package came from Amazon. Packages are cardboard!

A little gorilla glue and - custom packaging!

And you can’t just leave the lid plain…

Now I just need to GET it there in time for Christmas!


This was fun! I used duct tape markers for the red and gold and used acrylic green,

white and white with glitter for the snow people.


What an awesome presentation! Good idea on the Santa in the background… And the girls Christmas. Will be well received I have no doubt. Great job!

Have never heard of duct tape markers before. Very cute ornament. So much fun to see how everyone inspires each other… And learns from them too

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Could you explain what these are please?

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Yes, I purchased the markers online from Marvy Uchida. They are quick drying permanent paint markers. You can color/mark duct tape, wood, metal, glass, etc.

I hope this helps


Thank you, I’m definitely going to check them out. The paint pens that I have had the most success with were purchased at Sam’s. I will take a picture of them in a little while. If I remember right the entire box was about $15.


That custom box is awesome!

My wife said she wanted a box to wrap the ornament in. I thought to myself, “hey, I saw one on the forum!” So I tried to make one like that and it worked out really well! Thanks for the inspiration!

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oooohhhhh they have a presentation box…prob means a few more $ than my paint pens. Working on my ornaments now. will paint and then show them hopefully tomorrow.


$15 at Sam’s Club here in Joplin.


$15 online with Sam’s and free shipping! That is a LOT cheaper than what I paid for the paint markers at JoAnn’s! Thanks for the tip.




I purchased my pens online with Marvy Uchida . They had some great deals at the time but I did pay for shipping