Building a Community - Asia

Hi everyone!

I’m only starting this topic because I would love to meet like-minded people from this side of the globe whom are also owners of the GF. This topic is not by any means to discriminate or neglect anyone who is not from Asia. It is an open place for discussion, so feel free to share and contribute too! :slight_smile:

I would just love to give a shout out to the people from

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Bangkok
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
    and any other country located in Asia!

My name is Jonathan and I am based in Singapore. I am looking for fellow makers around the region to talk about the potentials and opportunities for collaboration in the future!

Holler if you are interested!


:slight_smile: nothing wrong with wanting that feeling of camaraderie and closeness to like minded people. there is a map in here that might give you a good idea of who’s close. I think I see a few over there Glowforge Map


Hello! Thank you so much for the map :slight_smile: I see you’re based in the USA! Do you own your own studio/makerspace?? :slight_smile:

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Funnily enough I don’t, but I am desperately striving towards that goal! My “maker” experience is actually mainly in construction. I’m actually in the process of refurbishing a house so my family can move in (it’s a first having my own place :+1: ) and I built a 10x10 shed in the back to be my “makerspace” for now. I’m just a work in progress lol. What about you Jonathan? What inspired your desire to create? (I’d love to travel to Asia btw… one day!)

It is cool to have your own makerspace at home, at least you get to spend more time with your family and also have the kids come over to dabble with art and craft projects. Should be pretty interesting! haha. And I think it’s really awesome that you are refurbishing your own house! I’d be so proud to stay in a place that i built on my own too!

I’ve always been a really hands on person. I was trained in Graphic Design but I was always told by friends that I would enjoy myself a lot more if I actually majored in product design. Which is kinda true because I really love making stuff. It’s just really unfortunate that I came to this realisation nearing the end of my degree programme. haha. I currently run a small business with my brother doing T-shirt printing mainly. But we do customised mugs, phone cases, pillows and even personalised handcrafted leather goods made by myself. I feel a little stagnant though, that’s why I am looking for opportunities to collaborate! :smiley:

If you ever do visit Singapore, drop me a mail! I would be glad to show you around! Hopefully the GF would be delivered by then. Then we could sit down and work on something! :slight_smile:

Here’s my email, :slight_smile:


To steal a phrase from Jaws, you are going to need a bigger boat, err, makerspace. It’s amazing how quickly available space gets used up.


That would be great - we should keep in touch otherwise as well: the more makers collaborating, the better in my opinion. even if halfway around the world lol :laughing:

Hong Kong!!!

Hi There! Greetings from Singapore! :slight_smile: So what do you do in Hong Kong?

Data! I think I met you at Dim Sum Labs - weren’t you the one that gave the talk on the detector array installed in Aberdeen Tunnel?

-=- Terence

Yes. Terence. Nice to meet you online again. How are you doing?

Hi Jonathan!

I am Gayle. I am also going to be a happy GF owner before the end of this year hopefully when international shipments happen.

Currently, I am the Head of the MakerSpace at Nanyang Girls’
High School. I would like to connect with you and the other Singaporean GF owners so maybe we can help each other navigate all things Glowforge.

Did you purchase yours for business or personal use?
I purchased the GF for my own personal use and want to set it up at home, not at school [although I will be experimenting with developing Maker kits for teachers and students].

I purchased the 40w Basic. Do you know if there will be any issues when it comes through customs because it is going to a residential address?

Thanks! Hope we can chat soon.

And yes a shout out to all the SEA GF owners-to-be!


Hello Gayle!
It’s really nice hearing from a fellow Singaporean GF owner!

I bought mine for personal use too. But I foresee it being used for my business a lot more in the future too. I too see the importance of having a local community for GF users so that we can all help each other out.

As of now, I do not think there’s any issue with customs. But I think we will be more clear of the process of bringing it in when then delivery date gets closer. For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed and just hope that our GFs get delivered to us smoothly and on time! :grin:

Hi Jonathan,

As much as I wish my GF was already delivered, in a way the delay is not a bad thing. Because we are so far away, if the GF has a problem, I’m not sure I will want to spend $$$$ to send it back to the US and then back here again to Singapore. I’m hoping there are no major issues. So the longer I’ve waited, the more stuff the GF Team has tweaked and worked out.

Hope they have distributors in this part of the world at some point in the future.

Stay tuned for exciting times ahead!



Hi Guys!

Lemuel here from Singapore too! Bought it for both business and personal use. But with the issues and the estimated dates getting pushed further back into the year, its starting to get on my nerves. From April 2018 to June, now it’s Nov 2018…

I think HK and Singapore suffered the same length of delay till 1st Nov. 2018 and I dun think they will send the machine on time.

Hafa Adai from Guam,

Although we are a US Territory, we consider our island somewhat associated very close to Asia as we are 4 - 5 hours from Korea, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Versus 16 hours to the US.

Hello Hafa Adai,
Welcome to our small little community :slight_smile:
Does being geologically located nearer to Asia affect the delivery date for your machine?

I receive my machine early April as stated on the website. Glowforge viewed Guam as part of the US and not international. Only waiting on my air filter which will be in July.

Actually it’s Guam not considering themselves a different country for import purposes so they didn’t have unique requirements :slightly_smiling_face: