Building Signage

We are working on wayfinding in our building and thanks to our Glowforge, we are doing it in style with donated wood.

The Brigade is a Nonprofit organization that teaches Leadership, Employability and Life Skills to 5th-12th grade students in the Fox Valley area of Northeastern Wisconsin.


Are there rules about contrast levels and colors with fire escape signs and other standard things? Building codes and ADA get pretty fiddly with things like this sometimes, but I have no idea what I am talking about.


Those are so much nicer than plastic. :sunglasses::+1:

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Hmm I got curious and found this:

parts that seem relevant:

• Post signs along the exit access indicating the
direction of travel to the nearest exit and exit
discharge if that direction is not immediately
apparent. Also, the line-of-sight to an exit sign
must be clearly visible at all times.
• Mark doors or passages along an exit access that
could be mistaken for an exit “Not an Exit” or
with a sign identifying its use (such as “Closet”).

There may be other places to look but that was interesting.

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Warning: Totally useless comment ahead.

This is a sign in the hospital where I used to work.

Apparently they are people who have to be told where roofs are kept.


ADA rules are pretty intense. they include having braille on all of your signs. one of the reasons we didn’t do some more fun signage in our office.

your signs look great, @dweiss.


Base sign rules:

216.4.1 Exit Doors. Doors at exit passageways, exit discharge, and exit stairways shall be identified by tactile signs complying with 703.1, 703.2, and 703.5.

chapter 7 it is then…

Too much to quote fully, but it does require contrast. Opportunity to paint some signs! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this.

Doh! At least they had the arrow pointing up for the roof! (and didn’t try to combine it with the stairs to the roof to the side…).

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They are cool signs–but alas, need to make sure following all safety rules. But the office & work room signs you should be able to use many of the signs you’ve already made! And hopefully you don’t have to remake too many–just some paint on them to add the color/contrast.

Will do.

There’s so many @_@

I wonder how well a 3d engrave or even a standard engrave of brail would turn out.

Just realized the “Roof” sign I posted has no braille to tell blind people where the roof is. Scandalous.


We had some fun with a No Smoking sign with braille on a workshop door once.
When it was installed, we queried if they were aware that blind people do not smoke. They said -> ok, then they would know that someone was breaking a rule, since the signage was also in braille.

So then we asked them, do all doors require braille signs, or are we going to be required to point any blind people to the signage so they are aware it is there on the door.
They saw where this was going and ruined our fun.

We were told that engineers are idiots, the sign is there to stay, and if any blind people get anywhere near the workshop to please inform them immediately.

Your signs @dweiss look nicely done. Made a lot of people happy (or at least less lost).


Really! When ATM’s were first becoming the rage, banks had a habit of naming them. We had a committee and they picked a name… Apologies but True the name picked out of a survey was “Hellen Teller” of course it had to be ADA compliant and would have braille, it took a lot of lobbying to get that thrown out.

Reason ended up winning and another name was chosen.

Great signage! And wonderful the wood was donated.


Hubs and I were wandering around Home Depot one time when there was an overhead page saying, “Assistance needed in the blind cutting area.” We both simultaneously burst out laughing.

So we’re weird, yeah, but at least we’re compatible. :wink:


I must be a slow thinker, because I’ve caused that announcement to go off and never saw/heard it until you pointed it out in this thread.

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I simply love practical projects. The signs look great. I imagine many decades from now, the signs may still be in use.

My personal Fav

Great signs BTW! My thought, the more signs the better.


Can you engrave the Braille under the name? It would definitely take quite a bit of time, but a great use of 3D engraving!