Bump Error

I’ve been getting the “bump” error several times with any project I’ve tried. I cannot get through any project, even one as short as 2 minutes without this error at least 3 times. I was on the chat function with Glowforge and then emailed with them, but Mercedes has stopped answering with no further ideas of how to fix this problem.

It only happens in the Y axis (front and back) and not left and right (so not during engraving, but does happen during score and cut). There’s nothing on the belts or tracks, the arm moves smoothly, all wheels spin easily, it happens with any thickness or type of material including proofgrade 3mm and any type of file. I’ve removed and cleaned the crumb tray, cleaned the tracks, cleaned the mirrors, and checked the tension on the belts. It doesn’t matter where on the bed the project is, and it sometimes happens right away, but always happens several times during any project.


Posting here after already opening a support ticket will slow down their response to you since they’ll find/verify/close this before they can respond via email. Next time do one or the other, but not both :slight_smile:

That being said, they’ve likely already had you run through the easy stuff and are now bumping (heh) it up to a higher level of tech support. There are fewer folks at the higher levels, and they need to dig around to try and figure out why if it’s not mechanical.

I would look very closely and make sure none of the wires are hanging down and catching on the beams as they cross by. If you have a Pro, look back left especially as there was a series of issues there a while back.

Other than that, you’ll need to be patient. When you see this post closed you’ll know they are about to send you the next email response.


Hi @kimgoldmacher. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been running into some trouble with that bumped error message. I saw we currently have your email ticket in review with our senior team to help with next steps. We will be following up through that email thread. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple threads, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Thank you for all of your time and patience with this.

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