Bumped and blockage

Used my glowforge this morning with no issues. Came back and tried to print off the same thing i had printed earlier and now it keeps telling me that the laser head has experience a bump & also that there was blockage in the way. The machine is completely empty. I have tried turning it off and manually moving the arm and laser head to the center of the machine and turning it back on and that did not work. The laser head will get to the far right side and the error messages will show up again. What do i need to do to fix this? Thanks!

Is there any chance you need to clean the lens on the lid camera?

I did that as well thinking it might be the issue. Unfortunately that didn’t work either. Thanks for trying!

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Do you have the crumb tray removed? having that in the machine will help with the calibration process. Just another thing to try if you haven’t tried that since cleaning the lid camera lens.

I’m sorry about the trouble with your unit. I extracted the recent logs from your Glowforge, and it looks like there may still be residue or build-up on your lid camera. I saw that you’ve already emailed us about this, and we’ve sent you next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.