Burled-Laurel Spiral Bowl

I haven’t seen any recent posts for a spiral bowl, so here is another one. Sorry, no bananas.

It’s going into this box, so I don’t have to wrap. Because cutting out and engraving your own box is soooo much faster.

I made the core piece of plywood for the bowl from a sheet of draftboard and two sheets of burled-laurel veneer.

I believe I used the file from this post and upsized it to a 9-inch diameter, but I don’t remember.

At any rate, details on the diy proofgrade and template maker for the box are in Beyond the Manual.


You have a way with words, I love it. Hope your friends love the bowl. It’s beautiful.


The veneer choice is beautiful!

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Such a gorgeous bowl with that veneer. Did you add a finish?

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How Beautiful! Love this idea :slight_smile:

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What a missed opportunity! It’s a fruit bowl, right? :rofl::joy:

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3 coats of Minwax wipe-on poly. Details in Beyond the Manual.