Burn Marks on Box Edges

I am wanting to make a box similar to this - where the teeth do not show burn marks. Does anyone have suggestions about how to do this with the Glowforge? Would you put the box together and then sand away the burn marks? Is that even possible without sanding away too much of the wood? Thanks for any quality suggestions:). I’m a newby and would rather learn from the masters rather than frustrate myself.


Make the tabs longer.
Sand them back.


If you use unfinished plywood, you shouldn’t sand away the face, but it is a concern. If you use a pre-finished plywood like proofgrade the face will have a protective finish so you will be less likely to sand it away, but no guarantees what the finish will look like. The issue with plywood is you’ll see the core and it may not be to your taste. If you use solid wood and you sand off too much you need to practice your sanding.

My only caution is you may find yourself rounding the edges.

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I would second this suggestion. you would need to experiment perhaps to see how deep the char goes in the cut. being mindful that depending on the core it could be a little or a lot.

trial and error…

the box in your picture was likely machine cut with a router or milling machine, in giant batches.

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The provided example is obviously not plywood.

Plywood would be a poor choice for this, as the laminates would be visible even after being sanded back.

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I don’t see how you can sand all the concave bits of the tabs well enough for it to look clean. It sounds tedious and frustrating. I would explore other options, such as: cutting straight sides, painting the whole thing, veneering wood onto your box, or manually cutting the tabs.