Burning on to a 1.5" plaque?

Can I remove the crumb tray to burn onto a wooden plaque thats about 1.5" thick?

Sure can. The best part is that 1.5" is already in the sweet spot. Your biggest challenge will be alignment.

Once you work alignment out, go for it, and use the “set focus” feature to get the correct height. (or manually enter 0.2" height. Your tray is 1.3" (or so) tall, so if you put in a 1.5" plaque, you are 0.2" above tray height. Make sense? You said ‘about 1.5"’, I’d use a caliper to be 100% sure, as long as it’s between 1.3 and 1.9 the set focus tool should work really reliably.

There are guides on the forum about how to align projects like this.

Here’s one:


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