Business Logo Sign

My First! I am in love with it too!! This was made for a friend of a friend. Some of you may recall this post which was a hot mess!!!

This is what I ended up with guys!!!

ONLY THING IS… I am struggling with which glue I should use to glue the very final top piece on with. Here are the glues and adhesives I have, Nails are not an option!

I also have a clear quick dry. but I am not using that one because it does not dry clear. What do yall think?


And it’s gorgeous! Beautiful colors and balance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thankyou @Jules You know I always look forward to your feedback!! I wanna be just like you when I grow up! A straight Bad Butt on Illustrator/ Inkscape!! You kick butt and take names on it! And I am so envious!!


ROFL! Give it a week or two turning out stuff like this and you’ll be the one writing the tutorials! :smile:


Is the final piece the full rectangle with “Haven” on it, or are is the Haven logo pieces?

If the former, I’d go with straight up Elmer’s wood glue and just don’t put it all the way out to the edges, give it room to spread.

If the latter I’d use superglue (which isn’t in your picture) or tiny, tiny, no - smaller than that, drops of E6000.


Oh wow, you did such a nice job on that! Really nailed it.


Wow, that turned out really nice! Good job!

On the glue… I have used Goop and Gorilla Super Glue, but I am not an expert…

I used the Goop to glue acrylic to acrylic (very forgiving, easy to clean up) and the super glue for the wood that wouldn’t be seen.

I apologize, I should have made that clear! It is the white top piece with squiggly edges. The letters are already glued to the squiggly edged white piece. I am just needing to adhere the whiteboard with the letters and squiggly edges to the top of the flowers and extra square pieces I have spread around under there for more strength. The flowers I used a cement. And started questioning myself if I should use the same or something different. The last thing I want is it falling off! Lol


Your sign turned out very nice. It has a calm classy look.

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I wish!!! I won’t say NEVER!!! But… Man… Adobe Illustrator has been called every bad word in the book at least eleven times in the past week or so!! Mac is overloaded with trash files that made me cuss and then apologize! LOL I can laugh now… but I sure was not laughing then!!


@ptodd MY DEAR, MY DEAR!!! Thank you!!! I am very proud of this!! You know I am! Your feedback MEANS THE WORLD!! My “from the beginning crew” LOL HAHA

Whenever I tell my hubby about anything to do with any of my GF peeps (and it is quite a few… you, Jules, cynd, markevans, dk ( I believe), and about a handful plus more- I always say( for example) " Jules from ‘my in the beginning crew’ said this". Or “ptodd from ‘my in the beginning crew’ told me to do this like this”. Or so and so …you get the point…

Now he will ask me…“is he/she from ‘you’re in the beginning crew’” ??

:kissing_heart: :rofl:

Any ways… I appreciate ALL OF YALL’S FEEDBACK!! SO VERY MUCH!! Good or bad feedback… I like it all!!


My messages are so all over the place when I speak into this mouth piece! I sure hope all of that is legible! I try to go back and insert smileys and punctuation but I always end up making myself look like a crazy person who can not spell, speak, type, or punctuate. And then I say y’all. And that is all the explanation anyone needs!


Just curious if you were calling Illustrator bad things or if you have heard others bad mouth it? I tried Inkscape a few years ago and just absolutely could not get the hang of it at all. Although there was a learning curve to Illustrator it was just very natural and I would consider myself fairly proficient within a decent amount of time. Everyone is different but if one doesn’t work, try another.


I can rarely get through anything without a few ya’lls. I’ve pretty much given up.

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I have a lot of conversations about those same people with my husband! After hanging out here for five years, he’s heard their names many times. :slightly_smiling_face:


With this, it looks like you’ve graduated and can be someone else’s “from the beginning crew” :slight_smile:


Well I was definitely was not bad mouthing Illustrator. More like my lack of knowledge there of! Lol And I have tried to install Inkscape and use it but I had even worse luck with it. Also, every time I install Inkscape my entire desktop just starts glitching up! Every time. I even went and purchased a Mac that is one below the largest Ram offered on a Mac. And it glitches up every time. This sounds weird, but I honestly think it has something to do with my iCloud. Because I have an Apple ID from when apple first created them. I have problems like this often. I can install something and the glitches start rolling in. Someone else installs it on theirs with the exact system and it is fine. I actually learned quite alot in the year that I have had glowforge. But I was gone for 6 months. Even though it is all coming back to me now, I was like a complete beginner for a day or two all over again! As bart Simpson says " DOH!"

Try standoffs and backlight it. Either way it looks great.

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