Button is Amber, Stuck on Focusing. Everything Has Been Cleaned

My button is solid amber and the machine is stuck on Focusing. I have read a dozen other posts similar to this and here is what I have done so far:

-the ribbon connecting to my printer head is fine. it is attached correctly, cleaned, no bent pins.
-that ribbon is also connected cleanly and firmly to the circuit board on the left.
-all of the lenses have been cleaned.
-i did a full cleaning of the air assist fan (that is typically the problem when I have a machine issue, so i am very adept at cleaning the air assist fan).

The machine is definitely NOT too hot. I live in Ohio and it’s 30 degrees right now, and I keep the machine in my basement workshop. So that’s the only thing from the other posts that I have considered - maybe it’s too cold?

Can someone give any insight into what the ideal atmospheric temperature is for the machine? Do I need to move it upstairs out of my basement? It’s a little chilly down here but by no means freezing (probably mid to upper 60s). I am fine in a sweatshirt while working down here so it is not unreasonably cold. But I’m not sure what is “too cold” for the machine.

Any other ideas??? Help???

The Glowforge Basic is designed for use between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75°F (24°C). The Pro has an expanded operating range up to 81°F (27°C).


Thank you so much for that info! That may not be my problem then.

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Two common solutions to your issue is outside lighting (harsh light from a lamp or sun can confuse it) Also making sure the camera in the lid is also cleaned with a zeiss wipe and not the rest of the path that rubbing or liquids could damage. Smoke is a weird thing as it does not biuld up over time so much as it only rarely makes a mess so build up can be in an instant or a month depending on your luck and where the smoke goes.

The logo at the top of the head is where the camera “sees” the zero point. That is what the outside light messes up and crud there can be the issue.

For normal Set Focus cases there are two other windows on eithet side of the main lens that measures the distance and if they are dirty things can mess up as well.

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Do you have it vented outside? If so is there a gate on the hose that you keep shut when not in use? You could check the internal temp with a thermometer. It may be too cold inside the machine?


What material are you engraving? We’ve had issues w/focusing on material that was too reflective, yes, especially when the sun was shining in through the window.
And… have had the amber light several times, no idea why. We’ve literally unplugged everything, let it cool down, then rebooted it. Several times. Eventually the red light went away. We’re also wondering if it had anything to do w/power surge through home wires? We live in an old house. Fortunately the GF is plugged into a dedicated outlet w/o anything else on the line (straight from the breaker box), so thinking that isn’t it.

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