Button not Glowing. Cant start print

I am a new Glowforge owner. My machine seems to not work sometimes. I have only had it for a couple weeks. When i try to print something sometimes it loads the artwork, gives me the print time and says its ready to print. The button on screen is glowing and it says its ready but the physical button on the machine does nothing. And when i press it nothing happens. I have tried turning it on and off sometimes up to 5 times. And if it ever works it seems to work when it wants to there seems to be no reason to when it works or not. I have also tried the glowforge native designs and that hasn’t helped this time around. Any help would be appreciated.

I think support is going to need to take a look at your logs. Can you give a time, date and time zone for the most recent print that you tried that didn’t work?

Well it actually just started working. I have been trying to print for the last hour. I started around 11:30. But it just randomly started working. But earlier today i also had the problem. I have had many unsuccessful attempts to print at this point so i though it was just the norm but after reading some of posts it seems like it happens to me more than often. Glowforge support any help would be appreciated. @Jules thanks for the response i will make sure to note the times moving forward.

Definitely keep an eye on it and make note of when it goes out on you. It might be an intermittent Wifi signal (which you can improve sometimes by just moving the router a little closer or clearing the path between the router and the machine) or it might be a loose button connection, which would be a problem that they would have to fix. They might be able to tell which it is by looking at the logs, but it helps them to narrow down the search.

Good luck!

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with your new Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and I’ve sent you some next steps there, so I’m going to close this topic.