Buying Stock in Glowforge

This is probably way too early to bring this up, but I figured I would anyways. :wink:

The SEC has recently changed it rules and is allowing non-accredited investors to invest in a company. Basically, its crowdfunding, but you can get stock in the company instead of just a product.

In the future, do you think GF would decide to go this route, give a chance for non-angel investors to buy stock in your company?


I’d love to be able to make that happen. Unfortunately the laws permitting that are pretty onerous, so it wouldn’t make sense for us as a business to offer that - it would cost us a lot of money and mean a ton of paperwork, time that could be spent building product.


I figured that would be the case. I just wanted to throw the idea out there in case it becomes more feasible when you guys are at GF 2 or 3.

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Lord knows I’d invest a ton in you guys, if permitted! And all I’d ever do is offer ideas on making it better, as I’ve been doing, but I’d never push em; you guys know what you are doing, and know what are / are not good ideas…