I was browsing through upcoming anniversaries and birthdays (which I wasn’t even aware was there) and noticed that there is no anniversary date listed for me. Is that a user thing…or did my info. just get missed? Thanks.

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Says you joined October 21, 2015 in your profile.


Great! Thank you so much


Where did you find the list of anniversaries and birthdays, @Xabbess? I couldn’t find it anywhere.


I found me…wasn’t looking under the right date. It actually says Oct. 22. Thanks


I didn’t know it was there, either. Up next to your profile photo…under Badges…it says Cakeday.


Woa. Is this new? Don’t recall it before. And who are all these owners? I am so intrigued and wish they’d come out and play!


I don’t recall seeing that before either, hmm, must be the date we joined the forum. It doesn’t correspond to my purchase or upgrade dates. Very cool “little” tidbit though!


Doesn’t surprise me that I could have missed seeing this category. My join date is off by one day from the actual date in my profile. I don’t consider it a big deal. Yes, @marmak3261…it was fun seeing ALL these people. I had no idea!


I completely missed that. Thanks!


Interesting. 14 people have birthday information entered somehow as well. But I see nowhere in the profile to declare your Birth date.


I had to search for it, too. It’s in your profile in the preferences down at the bottom of this screen shot;


Oh, that does hide quite easily. Thanks :slight_smile:


Mmmmmm cake!


The cake is a lie.


I noticed several days ago that they had Anniversaries and Birthdays in that menu. It appears they’ve now changed it to Cakeday for both.


Same here, I purchased on October 20, but I didn’t join the Forum until December 15th. My “Cakeday” is listed as Mid December…so I might get my GF before more forumversry?


Hah! Today is my Cakeday, and I have a Cake next to my name :slight_smile:


There should be a certificate of patience or endurance! Something that acknowledges the feat of waiting a year for satisfaction after throwing down $2000!


That is SO cute! Happy Cakeday! :grinning: