wow! Thank you very much @Jules a very happy Cakeday to you too :blush:
and to all the other cake recipients


Happy cakeday @cynd11, or at this time, cake evening, and @ylene @iliketomakestuff.


Thanks! I celebrated with dark chocolate. :grin:


You know, I’m pretty sure if I had known it was to be 2 years before I got what I paid for, I probably wouldn’t have gotten involved. I’m certain that money would have bled away and be gone now.
The investment I made has paid off so well, in unanticipated ways. I will have the laser I had fantasized about for 30+ years, I have a new circle of friends that spans the globe, and not just any people - but a huge collection of talent and skill on tap that spans a spectrum of disciplines.
You all have given me help and inspiration that has led me to value this community almost as much as the laser of my dreams.
I am honored and humbled to be part of community glowforge.
To the company responsible for all this, words fall short to adequately express my gratitude.

In retrospect, one of the best investments I ever made. :sunglasses:


Ooooh! Happy 2nd Day of the Cake @PrintToLaser! (Damn, can you believe it’s been two years?) :smile::blue_heart::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::balloon::sparkles:


Indeed…happy cake x 2 day! I echo your thoughts and feelings exactly about having spent this money 2 years ago. I’m so glad I didn’t get hung up and anxious about the wait…as the end result has been beyond my wildest dreams.


:musical_score: For @PrintToLaser’s a jolly good fellow,

For he’s a jolly good fellow,

For he’s a jolly good fellow,

Which nobody can deny! :notes:

Happy Cakeday!




Well said!!!


Happiest of cake days to you sir!!! 2nd time around :grin::grin:


Thank you Madame! :grinning:


They say the cake gets better with age (or is that wine?) Happy Cake Day!


Yeah…its the wine…definitley the wine…lol


Most definitely.


Could be after you drink enough of the wine, the cake is much better. :wink:


Happy Cakeday @dannyc, and thanks for all your support!


Happy cakeday @dannyc. I’ll never forget seeing you hunched over your laptop debugging the stream from @takitus’s Glowforge at BAMF. It’s always on my mind when I push the print button, knowing that there are real people who care about the success of every print I do!


Thank you @cynd11, @marmak3261, and everyone else here! This community is amazing and I can’t believe how much it has grown and how genuinely talented, helpful, and passionate everyone is.



Happy Birthday @smcgathyfay! :grinning::tada::confetti_ball::dizzy::dango::birthday::candy::lollipop::balloon:

Partay! Partay! Parrtay!