That was an excellent decision.


didnt matter… still got the song stuck in my head… :tired_face::sweat_smile:


You can always push it out with the narwhal song.


You Are evil…evil I tell ya. Lmao


Happy Birthday @takitus!



Thanks man!


Oh…happy happy birthday to you! :tada::ice_cream::icecream::birthday:


Happy happy birthday @takitus! We’ve been a long time on here. Many happy returns of the day.


Happy Birthday @takitus. I hope you are having a great day! Thanks again for all your participation in this forum. You’ve been such an inspiration!


Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!


You flatter me, Thank you! I’m lucky to have found a community as cool as this one. To be able to share inspiration is an honor, as there are so many talented and friendly people here that inspire me as well - including yourself. I really appreciate the kind words


I’ll add to the Happy Birthday wishes. Enjoy it.


I believe its a day of cake for @truetech000
I hope you celebrate your forum anniversary well.


it funny, it was my sisters birthday and we had cake. I had cake on my cake day unknowing it was my cakeday as well.


It seems that there are a lot of anniversaries today. Happy Cakeday @kimpimmel and others.


happy birthday @brent_bousquet6
Scrolling through some old posts… happy year with a Glowforge, too.
Eat good cake.


Thanks! I had ice cream cake and it was quite good.


@evansd2 enjoy the cake today.





Happy cakeday @evansd2!