Happy Day of the CAkE!!! To @caribis2 and @joe :sparkles::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Sure come on over. I’m within a few miles of the 45th parallel in the middle of the US. If you don’t show up soon, I’ll just assume you got busy with something else and just eat it.


But I’m near the 42nd parallel. You’re so far!


Maybe @shop has some extra pie?



See, problem solved @joe


I’m not sure why, but this picture terrifies me. It’s like he’s staring into my soul!


< devil voice > take my pie and die < /devilvoice >


since @rpegg reads EVERY SINGLE POST without fail, I’ll just point out the cake there.
Once slice… I think that’s a forum anniversary.
Hey rpegg, thanks for your contributions here. You’re one of the reasons I really like this forum.


Happy Anniversary @rpegg, you’ve definitely set the bar high for keeping up with the forum. Always good to see you around


Woohoo! Got a sprinkle of anniversary celebrations today…

Happy third to @markevans36301, @Just-Maken-It and @rmaker1952, among others (who don’t check in as often.) :smile::cake::firecracker::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::boom:


Hear hear!


Three years! What a ride!


Been a lot of fun, hasn’t it? :smile:


Thank You Jules, has it been that long. Seems like yesterday. I guess time flies when you are having fun making things.


I’m having all kinds of fun today! :smile:
(Working with some stanky mirrored acrylic, but it’s still fun.)


"Happy Cakeday" to @jbv and @bill_laba and everyone who joined today! :smile::balloon::sparkles::confetti_ball::firecracker::boom::bomb:


I will celebrate with this cream-filled vanilla bean cupcake!


And the same from me!


Darn! I want one. :yum: