I dunno but I’ll take it! Thanks!


Happy Cakeday @jbmanning5! You are one of the guiding stars of the Glowforge galaxy. Thanks for all your contributions.


Yahoo! Happy cakeday @jbmanning5! It’s #3, isn’t it? We should get pins or something.


Cake. :wink:


Honestly, I think cake (and even pie) is overrated. I’d rather have a slice of warm, fresh-baked bread.


With soft honey-butter. :kissing:


Sigh! The little hedgehog patiently wipes the drool up off of the keyboard. Again. :roll_eyes:


Holy Guacamole! We’ve got so many Cakeday celebrations today that I can’t list them all in one post…Discourse won’t let me! (Didn’t anybody have anything to do on December 7th three years ago???) :smile:

Let’s try this…Happiest of Cakedays to:

and the other dozen pages of folks who don’t hang around on the forum as much. :smile: :tanabata_tree::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::sparkles:

And Happy Birthday to @jjmacdougall. :slightly_smiling_face::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::birthday::candy:
Let there be cake!


I can tell you exactly what it was.
I got an email announcing the glowforge beta.
You had to indicate your willingness on the forum.
So I joined the forum to sign up for beta testing, and that is an email that affected my life.
Not like getting religion or meeting my spouse life changes; but this forum and the laser over my shoulder have developed me into a maker. Inside Joke among my scout buddies: “Hey, did you know Merinda has a laser?” - and they all laugh because of the sheer volume of lasered scouty things they have.
I spent hours on the forum early on. I never heard an official word from the company; but I’m pretty sure I was a packaging tester with one of the very first Glowforge units in the wild - due to forum participation, I think. So I think I’ll go make a cake or something.
Joining this forum was indeed significant for me.


Cake sounds good! (Highly appropriate for celebrations of this nature.) :sunglasses::+1:


Wow, amazing! Congrats, folks! And happy birthday @jjmacdougall!

Boy, we really need an enormous cake, or loaf of fresh baked bread.


My parents were at a wedding where he sang years ago.


Didn’t realize he was a singer…but since it’s his birthday, we ought to be singing to him. (Poor thing!) :smile:


you are supposed to learn something new every day. and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a glowforge :wink:


Happy Cakeday to everyone that I’ve missed over the past month and a half I’ve been away. I’ve missed so much and will try and catch up as I can. Happy Cakeday to all!


Happy Cakeday @smcgathyfay, and happy Birthday @volivaa! :balloon::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::boom::cake::birthday:


Thx @jules. Still happy to be on this wild ride after too many years…lmao


Thank you!


Yahooo, celebrating you today, @volivaa and @smcgathyfay!


Thank you!