Calibration error

Cleaned my Glowforge pro and it cut fine for a day. The next day I ran into issues with the alignment making all the cuts off. When I tried again i noticed it was off nearly two inches when centering. The image starts to print two inches to the right of where I want it to start, and when it reaches the right side, it tries to continue to print and the head bumps against the track. It continues anyway but the whole design is off after that. I have made smaller designs so it doesn’t bump the edges but the alignment is still off significantly when it starts. I have tried to recalibrate multiple times and after it makes the glowforge calibration design, it attempts to measure and then I get an error “wifi disconnected”. I have moved a wifi extender next to the machine and I get the same error at the same time. I have tried with different material, cleaned the lenses, tried setting focus, checking the crumb tray placement, moving the head to the center. Nothing is working so I’m asking the forum for help. Any other suggestions, tips, tricks are greatly appreciated.

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The lid camera calibration will not address a situation where your Glowforge is printing inches away from where you expect.

Turn your machine off and remove the honeycomb tray. Put a mirror on the floor of the machine so you can visualize the carriage plate belt as you gently move the printhead left and right. Are there any twists in the belt? Are the teeth facing in?

Also, never move the printhead with the machine turned on.


When you moved the head under the camera was the machine off? I hope so. After it’s under the camera you turn it on and it will find its correct location.


So many little variables I was focused on that I looked passed this. There WAS in fact, a twist in our belt. Preventing it from moving all the way right was the actual issue. THANK YOU. I just hit print and it is accurately realigned.


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