Calibration issue on coaster print


For the last several days, the unit has only been able to successfully calibrate when the head is placed under the camera. Moments ago, I ran two identically designed coasters at the same time and the differing results are shown below. They were positioned on the upper and middle right side on a left and bottom justified 12 x 20 Proofgrade maple plywood. I didn’t pay attention to be able to tell you which was uppermost.

The good one:

The bad one:

Image distortion

Wow, Crafty Bastard #2 is just sort of melting off of the coaster. I rather like the effect, but can definitely see how it’s not what you were going for. It’s also an unfortunate waste of material.


I am trying to wrap my brain around what could cause this error mid stream.


Might have been a corrupted file download somehow? Can’t imagine anything else that might have caused one bad one out of the two.


Hi Volivaa,

Looks like a layer shift I sometimes see in 3D prints, 2 reasons for it:

A. Slipping belt, so one or more fixtures between the head and belt (if the GF has any) is/has become loose. This makes it slip when doing a rapid change of direction. It continues for a while on that slipped location and then after a while it slips a bit more. Maybe someone from GF can clarify if this can be the issue. I guess it really is something like that. So hopefully a screwdriver and some turns can fix it.

B. Like Jules said, corrupt file, glitch, sunflares…

Hope the issue is fixed soon!


Measure the offset to see if it is a multiple of 2mm (which I think is belt pitch) or 1.2mm (which I think would be four full motor steps).


I wouldn’t call this an alignment issue. It looks like the image was not rendered properly. That would be better than a belt slipping.

Very worrisome. I have several projects that I am planning with some stock I have been keeping for years… very limited quantities. I will have to be very clever about how I place each of the cuts.

I love the artwork, by the way. Are you producing lots of these for a customer?


This type of thing happened to me twice. The first was when my daughter was on her step stool observing the engraving and WHOOPS! slipped off the stool and hit her head on the front of the :glowforge: ! The second was while the material was engraving it started sliding along the tray. I’m guessing falling daughters and migration was not the cause of yours though, right?!


Soooo when both of these coasters look the same you know you’ve drank too much? :wink:


Thank you everyone for all of the help. @volivaa, I’ve followed up with more detailed information through email; however, it appears we need to replace your printer.

I’m going to close this thread, but please reach out to us if you have any other questions!

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