Calibration Macros

I was reading a section on Kiss Cutting for stickers and began to wonder what, or if, macros can be set up.

Taken from the idea of calibrating some 3D printer settings, I know that I can set up a macro to make adjustments within a single print. On the Glowforge, is it possible to make etch a square (for instance) at 10% power (again, for instance since I don’t have my GF to make specific examples). Then make another square at 20%., and another at %30, etc. all in one print run? This is opposed to stopping, adjusting my settings then re-running.

It makes it simpler and more efficient to find manual settings on a test print, rather than having to re-run prints over and over.


Yes, that’s possible. All you have to do is assign a different Fill color to each square, and then you can set the power for just that one square independently of the others.

Different colors.


And being sure you choose the right settings for each color. :wink:


It’s pretty easy to keep them straight now…hover the mouse over a thumbnail image and that one lights up. (It turns blue/teal.) Very easy to see which is which.


Oh, I’m sure. I’m always one for the commentary on the human element, though, and flaw potentials resulting from it. I’m sure the interface is outstanding for that, but even so, idiots are too ingenious to make anything idiot-proof.


Here is one topic where I did testing on denim and other fabrics using this method. I and a few others have done some other topics on testing different materials.

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Thanks for all the replies. I’m counting the days until I can start the test play.

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