Calibration made it WAY worse

Can someone pull my files and see what happened in teh calibration? I tried the camera cal, and my already terrible accuracy got way worse…

Try turning off the machine for a minute, then do another target test.

Have you rebooted?

Restarted the machine and the UI. Cut some holes in this sheet of draftboard in the test, so now I need to use up another one. Had 4 sheets ordered, and they turned up today, I am out of town starting tomorrow. I am afraid I will burn up $20 worth of PG today, and get nowhere.

Mask the old dartboard with new masking tape to save a board


It was worse for me too. Then I rebooted, and … it was the same.

Then I did it all over again, and it was a lot better. :man_shrugging:

I’d re-mask your used sheet and give it another try.


We can’t know why your particular calibration is off. Make absolutely sure there is zero play, bulge, or give in the material at all locations across the bed when you calibrate. Must be dead flat. Make sure the lid closes evenly. Otherwise your calibration will end up bad.


Since calibration is still a beta feature, it’s not supported by the usual support team – you need to post over in this thread to get the developers’ help with it.


Thanks for the answer @geek2nurse, that’s right. You should post in the official thread for support. I’m going to close this thread. If you have another question, go ahead and open a new topic.