Calibration not completing

Can some one assist me??
I’ve been trying calibrate my machine and 3 times I have gotten a not completed message.
My machine is not near a window and I also performed the calibration with the lights off in my room. I don’t know what to do next. Please helppp!
glowforge calibration|690x363

Same happened to me. The only way I could get it to work was to create a hot spot on my phone and connect the Glowforge to that WiFi. Although I have never had a WiFi problem before or after the calibration, it appears, at least for me, that it requires a strong signal to complete the process, maybe because it takes so long. Makes no sense but that’s what finally worked for me. After the calibration the machine has worked flawlessly. Good luck!


I had the same issue. Had to set up a temporary wifi access point to get thru the calibration. That was before I figured out I could have just used my phone. No issues before and since using my regular wifi router.

Here’s my thread on the issue: Camera calibration "Expired" (multiple times)


This may be a stupid question, but how/where do I do this?
How do I switch to my phone’s hotspot?

Here a post from the local Hedgehog of knowledge:


I was able to use my phone 's hotspot…but I am still getting the same error…

If you look at the bottom of the head, there should be two windows. Make sure that those are clean. One is for the red beam, and the other is the head camera - both of those need to be clean. Make sure the lid camera lens is also clean

I’m sorry you ran into trouble when trying to use the Camera Recalibrator. I extracted the logs from your unit, and it looks like there may be an issue with your camera which is preventing the recalibration to complete successfully.

Before you calibrated, did you first try cleaning the lens of your lid camera with a Zeiss wipe?

Hi ivan
Yes I did clean the lens as instructed.

Thank you for letting us know you cleaned the lid camera. Unfortunately, your Glowforge is experiencing trouble that we are not going to be able to solve remotely.

I see you also emailed us about this and I’m about to follow up there with more details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.