Calibration way off

I need help with proper calibration of the unit. Refer to the image below for my notes -
The positioning is way off, by as much as 20mm in places - Point A.
The size of the preview/print is also off - notice that size B preview is smaller than the actual size C printed.
The print is skew by around 2%. While the work piece is forced to be perfectly square, the distance D is 5 mm shorter than the distance E, when they are supposed to be perfectly parallel with the side of the piece.

Have you run the Calibration routine? (If not, give it a go at the link below.)

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I have not, however, camera calibration can only solve the first two issues, not the third.

I’ll see what will happen.

Not necessarily. The apparent size of objects in the camera bed will appear different at different material heights and values, which the camera calibration can help with. Have you measured your piece with a pair of calipers to determine if they are the correct size?

It fixed my skew.

Not correct.

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble with your print results.

Looks like @jules beat me to the punch!

I’ve extracted the logs of you Glowforge and noticed that the Camera Recalibration was performed. Could you let me know if the Recalibration fixed your alignment?

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you @glowy. I hope it’s because you were able to get your alignment fixed. I am going to close this thread at this time. If you run into any other issues or if you are still having problems, please don’t hesitate to start a new thread or email us directly at

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