CALIFORNIA wood suppliers

Anyone here in California have recommendations on wood suppliers? In need of some suppliers other than big box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. Here in the Central Valley só anything near I can hand pick or even places I can order. Thank you in advance :slight_smile: happy hump :camel: day y’all!!!

So many sources are online these days, ocooch for hardwoods, estreet for acrylic, etsy for all sorts of things…

As for local california stuff, I always turn to google maps and search locally for stuff like “plywood” and “plastics”, you can find a lot of good local sources that way.

I don’t know much about CA’s geography, so the “central valley” doesn’t mean much to me, what would you say is your closest medium city?

(that being said I think cherokee is in CA? Yup, in Upland, wherever that is, lol


Thanks for the advice! Lol Central Valley is nearest to Fresno

Ooh, that’s right by me. (Like halfway between work & home!)

Doesn’t help @Darplifarmhouse though. That’s a 4 hour drive.

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These guys say they have 1/8” mdf, which is basically same as draftboard

Diamond hardwoods supposedly carry Baltic birch ply. I’d call them because it looks like they maybe merged with another company recently.

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There’s a Rockler in the Bay area and one north of Sacramento. Not that close but if you’re up that way worth a stop. Do you have any local lumberyards? In SoCal we have a small chain called Ganahl which has been a great source.

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