Calling all of the brilliant GF everyday solution problem solvers

Hi, all! So I thought I’d see if anyone is either interested in commissioning a design for me or have any pointers in how to make a design like this. I have no design skills so I’m afraid mine would come out being as crooked as the Whoville village! :rofl: My husband made a small desk for me for work but I would like a pullout shelf that has basically a panel with an easel back in it so I can sit my paperwork upright rather than lying flat on the pullout shelf, so I was thinking there’s probably a solution to this where I could use three sheets of plywood and make the pullout shelf with a panel that folds down flat into itself when not in use and can then close shut. I hope this make sense. I have a very rough sketch and a picture of the desk showing what I’m currently using to prop up my paperwork. I know there are brilliant people out here so just thought I’d ask. :grin: Thanks in advance!

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