Calling ALL Tennesseans! Or anyone else who would be interested!

I can’t catch smoking from you. I can’t then pass smoking to 50 of my friends.

It’s not apt to make a comparison to smoking, they’re not the same in some very important ways. Trust me, drowning alone after two weeks on a ventilator is not something you should be risking for yourself and definitely not for others.

Also after losing my mom to smoking complications, that wasn’t good either. I like you, you seem like a nice person, if a bit surprisingly cavalier about other people’s health. Take care of yourself and try to be compassionate and caring for others. We are in this together, we should act like it.


Thoughts and prayers with you, @JimmyWayneWestie!


Yes a virtual meeting could be fun, too. Until then. A party of more than handful would have to be fully planned and well thought out.

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Oh, no wishing and hoping is not going to do any good physically for the issue. The wishing and hoping is only going to do justice for my mental state. If my wishing and hoping would fix the problem, it surely would be fixed by now! :slight_smile:

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That is the trouble with paths not taken. With proper attention AIDS and covid might have killed a couple of hundred people at most and everywhere you would here that they were never a big thing, or Ebola or H1N1 might have swept a few hundred thousand folk to their deaths, and you would hear that they unavoidable or some sort of conspiracy.

Everyone has cabin fever, and hates not being able to get out or the crash of the economy, but I see it not as a waste of what will be two years before it is over but as avoiding wasting whatever years I have left even at my age,

My father died of cancer, and my mother was there and so horrified she quit cold turkey right there. It just made the dying slower as she died of COPD with the last few years struggling to breathe. And just last year a very good friend died just as she was launching a great time for herself after living in service to others for her whole life.

I don’t fear dying, rather I fear for those still young, but I am not into Russian Roulette either.


I did not make this post to plan a party for tomorrow. I did make this post to see who my fellow TN people who own Glowforge are, where they are located, and how many of them there might be. I did not make this post to say that I disregard any precautions when it comes to COVID 19, because I do take caution. In every way possible. I did make this post to see who would be interested in getting together, to get an idea of if it would even be worth putting more thought into. I did not make this post to start a political war, and I am not saying that it did so. I did make this post to give myself something to hold onto., something to look forward to.

My daughters school was supposed to start in August. They planned for school to start all the way up until a week before the day it was to start. Then it was held off for an additional week. That next week came, and again it was held off an additional week. Then it was opened for the ones who felt comfortable enough to send their children to school, as well as the ones who had to have their children in school.

My daughters birthday is in December. I am not going to cancel her birthday now. I am going to plan accordingly to what the situation looks like at that time. And make changes needed as it gets closer. Things change. And crap happens. AnDo I think Covid 19 is going to just go away? Absolutely NOT. Do I pray that it goes away or slows down or a vaccine is offered/ or just disappears? ABSO-frikkin-lutely. Do I hope it is going to? ABSOLUTELY. Do I wish it would? ABSOLUTELY ( and I am sure I am not the only one). Do I take precautions on a daily basis? ABSOLUTELY. Is my family practicing “stay home, stay safe”? ABSOLUTELY. Has my family lost someone? Sadly. Do I have underlying conditions? Yes I do along with other family members.

I did not make this post to assume that COVID was going to just disappear. Nor to set any plans in stone.

I follow along with the stats of COVID 19 on a daily. I am well aware the facts and the dangers. And I do not intend on adding to the severity. And I plan to continue to make educated choices asI have done this whole entire time.

With ALL OF THAT being said, I have been wanting to make a plan for a GF day for some time. I would rather start a plan and make choices according to the situation at that time, even if it means pushing out setting a date, if need be. But if a plan can be made and is able to happen, I don’t see a problem in talking, discussing, getting ideas, and making headway towards its happening. Especially since everything up until the actual date of the meet up is virtual. I don’t see the hurt in any of that. I was not looking to set a date. Only an aim/target. It will be quite some time from now before a date can be set in stone.

Whether it is 2 days, 7 months, or 5 years away… I am excited. And I enjoy discussing it. It honestly would be a dream come true!

I don’t care if you are left, right, purple, green, 5 yrs old, or 129 yrs old! If you have a Glowforge…YOU ARE COOL AS 12 fans on EXTRA high. And I wanna have a playdate. And up until then I wanna dream about it.


:slight_smile: :sunglasses:


This is an adorable emoji!!

Now that I have actually had time to sit down in silence and clear that up on a laptop instead of back and forth between a phone and a computer and with out 12 and a half kids running me in circles in between each fight for who gets to press the start button on the “GrowFords” because “It was my turn to pwess da button, not him’s turn to pwess da buttons, and Im’s not u friend no more”.

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Please let us know how it goes @JimmyWayneWestie . Fingers crossed for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

(By the way, fluid filled cysts are extremely common in young women your age. They might suggest you cut your caffeine intake. If they do… cut down a lot but don’t go cold turkey.)


Yay, yet another innocent thread devolved by an argument over covid. I really hope no one takes this the wrong way, because I really like and respect all you guys. But I am tired of the virtue signalling that goes on here. I do everything the “science” says, but I don’t hold anyone else in judgement if they feel differently. This thing is horrible, no doubt about it. The ramifications of it are also horrible, which I’m having to deal with in my house with my kiddo not being able to go to school. I get all the arguments on both sides. But can we please for once, just let anyone who wants to plan a gathering, let them do it, knowing that everyone in this country knows the risks of attending said gathering, without making statements that are intended to “educate the poster” while also conveying the higher moral ground the judger is sitting on? Please. I’m tired of covid, I’m tired of politics, I’m tired of being anxious all the time. It makes me happy to think that someone is planning a gathering for folks of like interest. I’m disappointed that it devolved into lecturing about the pandemic. We all know there is a pandemic. And we all know what the science says. I just feel like all the joy is getting squashed these days. That’s all. I am not going to reply to anything else on this thread. I wish @JimmyWayneWestie and @MANDYpalmer83 great success in the gathering.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest (long weekend in isolation)


There’s nothing wrong with being scared. Not sure why a healthy sense of fear has become such a sticking point in this country. Anyway, it will get better and we’ll all have some massive parties when it does!

This. And wear seatbelts, keep a fire extinguisher in my kitchen, look both ways before crossing the street, etc. We all take precautionary measures every day.

Honestly, I find a great irony in people who carry guns with them everywhere saying that they don’t want to live in fear.


I am totally this person. Drives my husband crazy. I know that some things may not come to pass or may not come to pass for years to come, but I can dream about them all I want. :slight_smile:


@ElsieH @Jules

Thank you kindly for the kind thoughts.

I have known about this for awhile and early on I shared the news with @arh2 and @eflyguy.

I blew a gasket when I got on today and an innocent post turns into another talk about COVID-19.

What does COVID-19 have to do with to 2 women planning a Tennessee GF convention?

If you are virtue signaling they are one in the same.

People who come any thread and knowingly post something negative are seeking attention. They are screaming “Look at me look at me I am doing something great for the greater good.” Instead of minding their own business trying to make their life better they want to control others lives.

@MANDYpalmer83 and I love this community but talking about our future GF convention will be now moved to a private Facebook group.


If I don’t dream, I am motivated in all of the wrong directions. I have to have my vision, have had thought the process through, envisioned it through, played some scenarios out with different outcome options…I just like to make sure that THAT is the way I want it!

It isn’t a bad thing to get called a “dreamer”. In my opinion!

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Yes… Ditto!! @JimmyWayneWestie Please let us know how it hoes! Thinking about you, and @Jules will never steer you wrong!!! I think I may have heard that once before as well!

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Im right outside chattanooga, on the georgia side, Id love to attend in the future. please feel free to invite me to a FB grup pertaining to this, ill be more than happy to help plan as well, if needed


I feel like the whole “we are in this together” saying that has lately been America’s said logo-- is nothing but the complete opposite. It is tearing our world apart, turning people against everyone.

Part of me just wants to delete every type of social anything. (Not having anything to do with this, but really all of the above topics! You can’t even drink a cup of coffee without it being the wrong political view, or infected) But at this point in time, it is really the only string that connects to society, that I have left.

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A FACEBOOK GROUP NEEDS TO BE IN THE WORKS!!! That is the best plan I have heard yet!!


I’m kinda bummed…you Tennesee titans are gonna have so much fun. :confused:

(And I’m in the other “T” state.)


Totally agree. My husband just doesn’t get that dreaming doesn’t mean “planning to do right this very minute.” :wink: Also, I do the same thing with dreaming… And while I’m not necessarily a believer in the “woo-woo” aspects of manifesting, I DO believe that setting intentions opens you up to possibilities and helps you be prepared to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. I once outlined my dream job and then started looking at places where I might find some aspects of it. Not a week later my actual dream job opened up. It was a job I didn’t even know could exist - working with kids, technology, global travel, and all based out of our local science museum. Not only that, but all of my quirky life experience came together to make me the IDEAL candidate for the job. When they interviewed me they commented about what an absolutely perfect fit I was. Now I work for myself doing all kinds of other things I never knew were possibilities.

Keep dreaming (in the good way, not in the sarcastic way)!