Camera alignment off on left while middle is good

I just received a replacement unit.
I had issues with alignment so I just ran through the calibration with the proofgrade draftboard.
I did use set focus before running this job.
In the attached picture, you’ll notice the 2 images in the bottom middle of the screen look perfect. Then images on the left are off horizontally significantly.
If the file is accurate, and the 2 images in the middle are cut perfect, why are images to the left and right missing their mark?

In the inkscape file I performed bitmap trace on the 7 images. In inkscape they look good.
Once again, why do the 2 in the middle look good and images to left and top look off?
I eyeballed the alignment as I don’t have snapmarks any longer.

I would have gladly used snapmarks but they have not been enabled on my machine (previous 2 machines had snapmark).

Question, since pass through also says Beta, will that go away as well?
I read that snapmarks are not needed because the camera alignment is now so good.

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Passthrough is included in Pro ownership from what I read, so not tied to Premium.

For your alignment issue: are you uploading all lines together as one file or eyeballing placement one at a time?

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No. That comes with the Pro models, and it will be released to all Pro users when it comes out of Beta. (If you want to, and you have a Pro machine, you can still sign up for the Beta to use it now.)

Are you using the Set Focus tool correctly? If you have multiple items on a sheet, you need to click with Set Focus on one image, let the view change, and then place the cutlines for that image.

Then you go to the next image and use Set Focus again in that spot. Place that design.

Do that for each image. Each time you click with Set Focus the view will shift slightly due to fisheye effect, but the view where you just clicked is going to be the most accurate for placing that design.

When you are done, run the Print and check the results on the board, not the view on the screen.

It’s not as accurate as SnapMarks. Those are extremely precise. But you will get much better alignment on batches than if you don’t use the Set Focus tool.

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Everything is in 1 file.
Each bitmap was traced one at a time then placed on top of the image in inkscape.
The visual alignment was done on the whole file while using the images closest to the camera.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.