Camera Cable Part 2

21 days ago my Topic was closed . All I am asking for is a camera cable. I even order 1 extra lid cable and 2 camera cable so I would have a extra one. I got a invoice for all three cables paid the invoice and was told they were shipping out my cables the topic I opened got closed. I got my order in except for the camera cables. Since then all I have gotten is the run around apologizes and blame placed on the people who ship out the parts but 21 days later I still don’t have a camera cable. If they can not make these parts available on their website how about letting me know where I can get this cable and I will order it from them. All I have right now is a 3,000 dollar dust collector.

That really is a tough situation. Not sure why the cable back log is taking place.

I hope I’m not in the same boat. They created a label for me but have not shipped.

Thanks I am hoping they will send it out I use it with our cnc router and I have had to push back some orders and even cancel a few and this is the month we get really busy.

If you don’t need the camera cable you should be ok they sent me the lid cable I order but not the camera cables.

I am so sorry that you order has been delayed and that we didn’t get this resolved for you sooner. I’ve followed up with you via email and your camera cable is on it’s way to you. Please reach out if you need anything else.