Camera Calibration issues

Calibration won’t complete for me. I always get an error “the process was interrupted, so no changes were made to your calibration”. I’ve tried over my home wifi and a hotspot on my phone. No change. If you look at the picture my camera is extremely blurry

Silly question but you do have a crumb tray in, right?

Also, is the lid camera dirty or foggy? Maybe it needs to be cleaned?

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hey Jeff, thank you for your response. Yes, the crumb tray is in and I made sure if was in correctly. Also, made sure my wood was exactly 12x20 and lined up where they suggest. I cleaned the camera with a zeiss lens wipe.

Pushed all the way forward so it bumped into the front door of the machine?

Does the lid camera look visually clear or is it foggy, like with condensation trapped inside? I’m not home so I can’t share a photo of my lens but your photo looks like it has moisture trapped inside.

The best I can tell it looks like there’s no condensation. Are we able to safely unscrew the camera lens cap and clean the inside of it of condensation if there is any in there?

Unfortunately, no.
I’m guessing you need to wait for support now.

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NO, don’t unscrew your camera.

DO, however, take a good clear photo of it and post here for Support to look at – it will save you some time, since they’re likely to ask for that.

Support has already contacted him on another thread. They’ve got it.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the lid camera.

I just replied to your email with the next steps to get your Glowforge repaired, so I’m going to close this thread.

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