Camera Calibration Question

During the calibration process the print head centers under the camera. Does this process take a picture of the GF logo and use it to calibrate the focus of the camera or is the process for the laser alignment only.

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Head position alignment only. The lid camera is fixed focus. Don’t believe the dewarp of the fisheye lens image is machine specific at this time.


Well that answers the question just curious. Was hoping that maybe it, for lack of a better term, calibrates the focus of the camera.

Maybe they contact GoPro or another camera company to see if they could find a way to have the camera auto focus or for the user to focus via the desktop has i can with my Canon remotely…

The lid camera is fixed focus, and its focal length is so short that it remains perfectly focused from just in front of the lens, all the way out to infinity.

Any blurriness you see in your bed image is more to do with the software de-warping the wide angle image from the camera, or possibly gunk on the camera.


Sort of. I’ve been guilty of saying fixed focus as well, when in reality, it’s just manual focus (which is why the focus can be changed if you break the glue seal and twist the lens). But, there is no motor in there to adjust/perform autofocus, so that’s not a possibility.

I don’t have the camera specs off-hand (aperture, Sensor size, focal length) to calculate it, but if the lens if properly focused in the first place, the hyperfocal distance would keep everything in focus.

But, yes - the way I’ve seen the bed image change over time means most of it is probably coming from software/the dewarping algorithm- though some lenses seem to have been focused better before being locked down.

Either way - the camera can still have a fair amount of blurriness and read the QR codes (assuming the algorithm is working properly to actually read them).


Not saying Dan is wrong but if it were fixed focus, there wouldn’t be a change when people rotate it.

It’s “fixed” because it is glued shut at the factory when the unit is calibrated… hate to imagine that someone breaking the focus ring loose to sharpen the focus might obsolete their unit’s calibration profile.

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