Camera Calibration

Your username is interesting, Care to share what it means?

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If you are happy with it, then no need.

Many of us had issues with material placement, especially at the edges. This meant you had potential for a lot of wasted material, especially nearer the edges of the bed.

okay thank you!

Hey, gilbertslettering is my instagram handle. I am a calligrapher and lettering artist and I bought my glowforge to make wood cutouts of my own lettering to make custom signs, caketoppers, backdrops and such. :slight_smile:


I see, thank you! I thought it was a process thats mandatory before using the machine! Thank you!

It’s definitely not mandatory - but “within spec” for the factory is within 1/4" and the camera calibration got many of us to within a mm - so it might be worth it :slight_smile:

As a calligrapher this might be of interest to you: Engraved Cutwork Scroll
(I still haven’t calligraphed it, waiting for someone who wants something from that period!)

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Nice! Can’t wait to see what you make. I’m a great admirer of lettering.

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I thought maybe that was it.

I’m not on isntagram, post some pics :wink:


Here are some of my glowforge and non glowforge projects I have done :slight_smile:


wow that is perfect for when i do wedding vows for clients thank you!!


Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing!


Gasp! Your work is stunning!


Thank you sir!

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Thank you!

Nice work.

Just to reiterate what has been said, if you’re happy with the calibration use it. If you think it can be improved go through the calibration process. If by chance it comes out being worse, email support and they can reload your original calibration file. I recall this happening once, maybe twice, when they first released calibration. They have probably fixed bugs since then.

As I recall it being explained, at the factory they calibrate the glowforge on a very flat and large rock. I’ve seen similar chunks of stone in labs for similar purposes. When we all unbox our glowforges we set them on not quite as flat surfaces and introduce tiny twists to the case. The calibration routine attempts to correct for these.


Lovely work. It just the personal touch folks love at big life events!! I think your designs really hit the mark!


thank you! i ended up recalibrating my camera and its MUCHHHH better! my projects arent perfectly aligned but its close enough to where you wont notice it. thank you for the info


thank you so much for your feedback! i appreciate it!

I need to recalibrate but I don’t have medium draftboard left, GF is also out of stuck. would a non proofgrade 12x20 MDF work, as I measured the draftboards and they’re 12x20.5

yes. Just make sure it is totally flat. And if you mask it then you can remask the same sheet and use it again if ever needed.

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