Camera didn't take a picture :(

Hello Staff!

I have Glowforge Pro since August 2020. I made more than 10k prints and yesterday I started to get this message “camera didn’t take a picture”. I cleaned machine, took all steps of checking if cables are connected properly and still nothing :frowning:
Also I checked the forum for the solution and found that there is can be bad cable connection and possible a cable replacement.

Can you please check the logs on a machine? If it’s a cable problem how can I pay for it ASAP and for the fastest shipping? I found it on website and it’s sold out…
I can’t believe it happened during Christmas where I have to do 30-50 prints almost everyday hah

I appreciate any help.


Also can it be the problem? I checked online how to clean the focus lens and another one, someone told it takes approx. 2 hours.
Is it true?

It shouldn’t’ take more than a few minutes to clean the lens.


that one in a red circle. you cannot just remove it.

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You purchase the black lid cable as you did your lens and other replaceable parts. Sign up to get an email when the cables are back in stock.

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By posting here you’ve opened a ticket with support. They will be around eventually and they can probably get you set up.


Sometimes the cables break inside, and if you can figure out where you pressed you can put a piece of stiff tape over that as a bandaid (no guarantees of course!). The black cables are back ordered for both the store and support, so it may be a bit. Definitely enter your email on the store page so you get notified when they come in.


Yeah thanks the tape helped a lil bit but after 5-10 prints machine freeze on “Scanning”, when I turn it off and press on cables, turn on machine - it works but only for 5-10 prints, after same problem :frowning:

I deff need to change the cable.

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I am having the same problem. Have cleaned everything and getting the error to turn off the glowforge open and close the lid and turn back on. Then get the same error again. I am unable to cut and have a lot of orders :unamused:

Which cable are you referring to about taping?

The one that is giving them issues - they found a spot that if they pressed on it, the laser would work, so that one! There is a thick white and a thick black, and a skinny white. I think this problem is the black, but others have done it with the thick white. I don’t know of anyone who has done with the thin white, but anything is possible

FYI, posting on someone else’s thread doesn’t actually help anyone unless you’re offering advice. You should ask questions on your own thread so a staff member can help you when it bubbles to the top of the pile!


@Brooklyn_pro I am so sorry your Glowforge printer did not take a photo.

It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue that we replied to email yesterday. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and we’ll continue following up with you there.

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