Camera didn't take picture and I can't use my GF

one of my GF was working just fine and I turn it off and little bit later (30 mins or so) I get the
message "Camera didn’t take picture " I followed the steps checking the connections and make sure none of them are wiggly or not seated, clean etc everything is good as far as I can see.

I really need this GF working, HELP!!!


Unfortunately, evidence suggests that the original cable will eventually fail. It happened to me not long ago after almost 5 years, but my machine is one of the very first. The new iterations have been improved, but I have no idea which version your machine has. Not saying that is your problem, just a possibility.


I’m getting the same error. I have done everything possible and I’m not sure where to go. I have sent a request for help, no response, call the customer service line.

I am a single mom, my income relies off of the machine and I have orders due this week. My machine is only 2-3 months old.

I have also reconnected all cables. My machine is immaculate and clean

I’m wondering if this is an issue for lots of us. I have got this error on and off all day, with it working fine for a while then giving this error, then after a while working fine again.


As pointed out above, it’s usually a failing black lid cable.

It’s not in my case. I can go to “trace” and the camera pops right up and lets me make an image.
In addition to that, even having turned the machine on and off again the browser, even opening a clean window, still says “scanning” or “centering”. My internet seems fine yet the machine is having trouble communicating.

Yes!~ I’ve done literally everything. From forum groups, restarts, even did a factory reset. Cindi did you find any luck today with yours? I went ahead and ordered the black lid cable. $25 freight charge was a little irritating to swallow but I did everything possible. My GF is only 2-3 months old… I’m so fearful it won’t work. Let me know if you had any luck and thanks for the response. It made me feel somewhat better

You’re still under warranty- GF would have sent you the cable at no cost (if that was the diagnosed problem)

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I figured and that’s super helpful to know. I think I jumped the gun and panicked to be honest. I spent 6 hours troubleshooting, panicked and got so nervous after spending all this money to have issues two months in… I disconnected the three cables as instructed on the video guide with no movement. Perhaps they’ll refund my order. If not I hope to be contacted soon. I haven’t heard back from customer service so I’ll cross my fingers

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I suggest that you just keep the cable that you ordered. You may very well need to replace it again someday (it’s happened to others) and then you’ll have one right there and ready. You really should not do a factory reset as it erases all the logs that support uses to diagnose issues with your machine.


yes ma’am I’ll take that advice for the future and keep the cable. My machine is only 2 months old so if I did a factory reset I doubt it’ll create too much damage if it erased all the logs but all in all I’ll try to communicate with them the best way possible. I did what I thought was necessary to try to get my machine up and running again. Its brand new so when I do get contacted I’ll be able to tell them how I handled it (even if it was the wrong way) and see if they can help. Thank you so much for the comment. Right now my machine has been down all day. Not showing the camera taking a picture, nothing is really happening so hopefully I will see some progress. have you ever experienced this issue?

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My machine will be 5 years old in August. I’ve had only one issue in all these years…and that was the black cable…and even then it was just in the past 6-8 months. Hope everything is running well very soon.

Just going to order the cable myself in case it’s that. My problem is so peculiar and not following the usual symptoms. I’m sorry you’re having trouble - mine is 2 years old and has many many hours on it. I’ve had to replace the white ribbon cable (PITA and not supported by GF), and a carriage wheel so far.

Did you have any luck?

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