Camera didnt take picture, Stuck on Centering

My glowforge is saying camera didnt take picture and stuck on centering, printer head doesnt move. Ive tried all troubleshooting, checked my wifi, cleaned all parts/areas, and still not working. Ive reached out to support 3 days ago sent pictures and left voicemail have not gotten a response back. I just want help to get my glowforge back up and running. I have the plus and believe I may still be under warranty. Ive checked all cable connections as well, any help is appreciated…

Have you tried manual aligning the head?

WITH MACHINE OFF: slowly bring the arm forward, and slide the head to under the lid camera. Then with the lid closed turn the machine on.

It probably won’t help if the camera really isn’t communicating with the circuit board but it’s sometimes helped if the machine has just gotten extremely confused and simply can’t find the head.

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Yes Sir. I gave that a shot, unfortunately still doing the same thing. Thank you for your help anyways!

is the camera lens clean on the lid? Beamer went “can’t find the head” on me a while back an the lid camera was very dirty.

In this case it’s, Camera didn’t take picture. which tends to be the cable or some connection issue resulting in a mothership scenario.

The camera lens looked pretty clean in the first pic I thought.

I was at work. I didn’t see that . bummer that it is likely the cable

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