Camera Doesn't See Whole Bed

I’m brand new here - just opened my package on Wednesday night!

When I print, I have noticed that the camera doesn’t seem to ‘see’ the entire bed, so when I put my material down, it prints in the center of the board rather than starting at the top left corner. Makes for a good amount of material I can’t use. How to fix this?

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Camera shows full print area, which is smaller than the entire bed (or Glowforge material, for that matter…)


What @eflyguy said. :blush:

I like to position my artwork starting at the lower right corner—that maximizes the scrap size you have left to use in the future.

If you’re using PG materials, put them in with the label in the upper left, because if you’re engraving or scoring it will make a visible difference where the artwork overlaps it.


That really is a thing with material vs. bed-size and has always been that way… Just place your design file as close to those edges as you can without getting them into the no-print zone…the gray borders that pop up around the perimeter. If your design is out of bounds, it will turn a red color until you move it towards the inside.


@geek2nurse I had that totally backwards so thanks for the suggestion. I had artwork at top left, label at bottom right.

@eflyguy Did not know that - thank you!

@Xabbess Good to know that it’s not something I’m doing wrong.


I print at the top-left when I start on a fresh piece of material. If it’s Glowforge material with a label, I put it in label-side down and just select the material from the list.


Actually, I’ve always done it that way, too and never even heard of what @geek2nurse said. :smile: I’ve had my Glowforge for 6 years now, so obviously can still learn new things.


I have never heard of any reason to worry about where to place the artwork. I’ve never had an issue placing it in the top-left on a new sheet.


Be sure to use “Set Focus” before you place your artwork on the material. Often the artwork will move once the Glowforge focuses.

Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place to ask your questions. Many here have years of experience and are willing to help.


Welcome! I usually work on the right lower as well. And, as @geek2nurse says, if you try to score or engrave over the label, there’s enough ‘extra’ from the label to mess things up!


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