Camera error and printhead not moving

Oh man - I am at a loss. Over the last few days I would receive the camera error message here and there… I thought it was just because my machine was really dusty from orders the last several days… I’d clean the camera and move on just fine - no error. Today after finishing 5 or 6 jobs I again received the error except this time cleaning the camera and turning the machine off and on did not help. It powers up and makes all the super cool exciting glowforge sounds - but the printer head is not moving at all and staying in the upper left corner position. I have cleaned it, I have powered it, my laptop, and my router off for 30 minutes then restarted. I checked the connections (5 of them). I tried moving the printer head directly under the camera, checked the print head ribbon, let it sit with the lid open when turning on - all the things I could find online :frowning: The LED lights work on both sides, and it registers when the lid is open - but once I start it,it brings up the last image taken, it will focus for a few seconds then move onto centering (no movement from printhead) and no dice - gives me the error. Any other suggestions? I finally got the hang of this beauty and took in a TON of orders the last 2 days - and now I’m stuck :frowning: TIA for any help!

You may want to go ahead and post pictures of all of this for support to save you some time…

Thanks for the advice!!!