Camera failure. Calibration steps will not complete due to "software issue"

A couple of months ago, my camera just stopped working. I replaced all of my cables as instructed, and that still did not solve the problem. I borrowed the lid from my friend’s laser, also down for repairs, and tried it on my machine. It works, but the camera angle is off, and the calibration procedures will not complete the processing phase because of some non-specific software issue. I have sent a handful of emails to customer support, and they are not responding. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there any customer support or a solution available that does not require me to spend another $1600 on a refurbished machine that may or may not work when it gets here?

Absolutely ANY help from Glowforge tech support would be appreciated at this point, but I am losing faith (honestly, I lost faith in them a month ago) that they are going to do anything.

Has anyone else out there experienced anything like this and gotten it working? I have run through the calibration process five times, and they failed each time. I have done a factory reset on the machine and reconnected to wi-fi even more time.

Thanks for listening.

Tony Fantasia

I think that the cameras are specific to each machine… Your machine was calibrated to your camera and that’s baked in somewhere. A lid swap seems plausible… but I think it is destined to fail.

It may be before your time but if you remember Snapmarks, they could not promise they would work on each machine, because of camera variations.


When you email them you should get an automated response right away, if you didn’t your message didn’t get to them. You may also want to look at your promotions and spam folders. I’ve seen the company respond to issues over 5 years, and they will get to you albeit slowly.


That slows down their response. As the comment above says “you should get an automated response”. If you got that, sit tight and they will get back to you. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing when that might be.


Did you ever receive support? Was your issue resolved? I’m dealing with a similar situation.

unfortunately, no. they responded to my email (finally) and had me provide some pictures before telling me that the problem is with the angle of the camera and there is nothing I can do to fix it except to buy a refurbished unit. That seems to be their solution to everything. Spend thousands more on a system that may or may not work. I will never do business with them again. If I were you. I would sell the one you have, and buy a better laser from a local dealer that offers customer support and replacement parts. This is a poor business model.

Ugh, that’s so frustrating. Yes, we will not be taking a chance on another Glowforge machine if this does not get resolved.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck. Hopefully yours has a better resolution than mine

Yeah it’s not looking good. And terrible timing too. Thanks for trying to help!

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