Camera is crooked

I’m new to GF. I am using my GF for the first time today. I installed the crumb tray properly, the feet are in the grooves. The lid is closed properly. I ran the camera calibration tool twice, both times I got the message that the camera calibration could not be completed due to a software error.

This is what my workspace looks like on the app vs what it is printing. wacky. please help!!!

The camera calibration fail is probably due to a wifi interuption. The camera view you are showing does not show me “crooked”. Did you use the set focus tool before placing your design?


yes, the set focus doesn’t seem to do anything.

The set focus helps adjust for the fisheye lens in the camera. It does not impact the actual operation of the laser. Can you be a bit more specific about the problem you are having?


when I Set Focus literally nothing happens. The camera doesn’t change. Does the camera view look normal to you? Also, you can see in the final print where it cut vs where the camera thinks its cutting-its off by about 2".

That doesn’t look normal. If you’re not able to get the camera calibration to run either, then I’d consider this a defective machine. Open a support ticket with your photos and issues by clicking the support link at the top of the page, or email


I did email them, just waiting to hear back. Thanks.

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