Camera Musings

It suddenly occurs to me to wonder whether the camera operates when the lid is open. Can the GlowForge team watch me while I am getting my materials arranged for cutting? It’s not like I 'forge nekkid or anything…but I have been known to do it with Very Scary Hair. :scream:


Could it? Sure. The normal process does not take a pic while the lid is open. Though you can force an image refresh if you want.

I was wondering the same yesterday when I opened the lid before the post-cut photo had been taken. I just make dumb faces when I do that. Figure maybe they’ll get a kick out of it, or think I’m just super odd…

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Pretty much right in there with Siri or Google listening to everything. And then there is the facial recognition S/W on your phone and Windows 10.

Worked in the DoD for decades on stuff that gives conspiracy theorists nightmares. Might think I would wear a big hat every time I go outside. Tend not to worry about it.


Wait… we’re supposed to wear clothes while using the GF?

I don’t remember seeing that in the manual?



Dan weighed in on this back in November (2017):

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There has been a time or two when it flashed as I was lifting.

Two things…
Wear pants.
Wait to open the lid till it’s out of paparazzi mode. :wink:


Me, too. (Married to a former intelligence analyst…) I figure they already know everything anyway, I’ve got nothing to hide. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As for 'forging naked, well, I’m sure there are younger, more attractive bodies than me for them to watch!


Yeah this is deju vu all over again.

During the previous discussion it was pointed out that it flashes when a picture is taken (not continuous) and as Jules pointed out → you can catch a close up if close the lid, then quickly change your mind and reopen the lid (poof – picture taken).

For those that this bothers (or are hard pressed to allow for reasonable coverage), this also permits me to resurrect a funny escutcheon I made to remind you of this candid camera fact.
This design made itself while following the previous thread.
File is in the zip… (193.2 KB)



:sweat_smile: Love it! :rofl:

Ha! Love it!

This is probably one of the funniest threads I’ve read. :slight_smile: Love the escutcheon.

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Drats… thought I might have a new way to send unsolicited schtick pics…