Camera not capturing top of material

Let me start off by saying “it may be me, lol” but for some reason my camera is not capturing the top of my materials and it is throwing my designs off! Is there anything i can do to correct this?

Can you upload a screenshot?
Many things can cause this, if your material is not the thickness that the settings are showing you will get an inaccurate picture, if you haven’t run a camera calibration, if your material is warped. All that said, the camera is an approximation of location, with experience and tweaking you will get pretty close to spot on. Jigs and rulers help too.
I often will mark the center of my material horizontally and vertically with a sharpie and center my image on that mark. Keep in mind, you want to enter the exact thickness or do a manual focus on your material BEFORE placing your image for best results.

The printable area of the bed is about 10.9" x 11.5" Your board should be placed as far forward on the honeycomb tray as possible and you should orient your artwork relative to the lower right hand corner. When the printhead is in the home position, you will see material behind the printhead. This area will not be printable because the printhead cannot print behind itself. It also cannot print left of its home position.


Also, the laser can’t engrave the full area of the bed, so it is certainly possible your material is too far up/out of the camera view. As @ovm.steve mentioned though, a picture/screenshot will help say if that’s the issue or not :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear your designs are being printing off. The information you received from our other community members is correct.

Your Glowforge bed can accommodate materials measuring 18 x 20.4”. Your Glowforge has a maximum printable area of approximately 11″ (279 mm) deep and 19.5″ (495 mm) wide, and it’s reduced somewhat when the laser operates at high speed, as it can take space for the laser to decelerate.

This means not all of the bed is displayed, or available to be printed on, so there will always be about an inch of space on the left. This material can be reused as scrap later for small pieces. For example, a lot of customers use small pieces of scrap to print these pins available in the free laser design section: Honeycomb bed holdown pins

Let us know how it goes. We are here to help.

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The best way to get the most of your material is to bring it down and to the right as far as it’ll go on the crumb tray. You’ll never get it all, this is why:



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