Camera not centered

Relatively new user here. Is it normal that the camera shows about 1 inch of the lower and right border of the crumb tray, but cuts off the top and left sides? The tray is positioned correctly (in the footwells). Magnification is not the issue. Even at less than 100% the above is still true.


Yes. The entire bed is not “printable”.

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That sort of makes sense, but why wouldn’t the camera be centered above the printable area? I obviously can’t print on the bottom or right borders, but it still shows me that.


It covers the entire printable area, that’s really all that matters for placing material.

It shows the printable area. The diagram below lays it out:


Fair enough. Thanks.

Thanks for the answers @jules and @eflyguy, that’s right.

I’m going to close this thread- If you still need help please either start a new thread or email

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