Camera not taking picture after cleaning. What have I done?

Aloha! After a deep-clean today, our Pro won’t function as the lid camera doesn’t seem to be operational. I try to be careful not to get connections wet when cleaning the inside of the lid, but perhaps I’ve made a whoopsie. What are the best steps to follow in order to diagnose/ test our issue? Mahalo!

Hi @amandarogers808. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into some trouble with the lid camera on your Glowforge Pro. I see you have multiple units under you account, and wanted to confirm the affected to unit to ensure we can get that printer back up and running with no lid camera trouble. On the back of the unit, you should see a serial number that is a combo of six letters and number (ex. ABC-123). Can you let me know the first 3 letters ONLY to help me confirm that?

Next, I appreciate you including photos of those cable connections. Because the lid system communicates with the rest of the Glowforge with the black lid cable, I’d like to get an inspection of those photos as well. I’ve included a photo with the connections highlighted, and feel free to attach photos of those in any response for me to review.


Once received I can review everything with your confirmed Glowforge’s log files for best next steps to resolve everything. Thank you!


We assumed we had gotten some moisture into one of the cable connections, so we opened the connection tabs and let the Forge sit overnight with the lid open. Sure enough, it came back to life this morning, just needed to dry out. Will be much more careful when cleaning the inside of the lid in the future. Thanks for the follow up!


I’m glad to hear your Glowforge is back up and running. That is great news!

When cleaning your Glowforge, it is very important to never spray any cleaning directly into your unit. We recommend either apply isopropyl alcohol directly to a lint-free cloth and then wiping down the necessary areas, or use Zeiss wipes whenever possible.

Since the issue has been resolved, I’m going to close this thread. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again should you need anything. We’re happy to help!