Camera not taking picture after replacing cable lid

My camera stopped working so I replaced the cable lid. It worked great for about 2 hours. then went very much out of focus then the camera not taking a picture popped up again. so frustrating since I waited so long for the part. My machine is refurbished but haven’t have it long

Same issue here. While I haven’t found a solution yet I can tell you that it may not be a ribbon cable problem. We had a friend of ours who does PC builds do a resistance check on each individual wire of the lid and camera ribbon cables. He also looked all the micro pins coming from the connectors for any breaks. There were no broken connections and we are still getting the “Camera didn’t take a picture” error.

Our forge stopped working overnight with no physical intervention, which is very concerning. Our local makers space just lost a machine to the same issue.

Make sure your wifi isn’t dropping out. If that’s not the problem check that all five ribbon cable connections are inserted fully, flat, and are clean with no grime or moisture. Check the ribbon cables themselves for any knicks, kinks, cuts or wear. While checking remember that ribbon cables are monstrously delicate, so only actually touch them if you have to.

Hello @louisa4wheelers, I went ahead and responded to the email you sent in. I will be more than happy to continue the troubleshooting there. I look forward to hearing back from you via email. I will go ahead and close this post to mitigate any confusion. Thank you!