Camera on lid won’t move to center on New Glowforge Pro

New Glowforge Pro owner. Install went well but then when I went to the dashboard my image looks like this on my screen. I have, cleaned lenses, turned the machine off. I did the refresh bed image. many times. It is like it just won’t move. I don’t know what to do. This machine was a lot of money to not get tech support. I only got an email saying to clean the lenses. ugh… I would just like to move forward so I can get to work.

The auto-response acknowledges that you have an open ticket with tech support - once you’ve confirmed you’ve done the basic steps requested you will get a further response from them. You’d be shocked at the number of posts here that start with “nothing works” that were solved by cleaning the lenses. I don’t think that’s your issue, but so you understand why that’s what they start with.

Take a picture of the camera itself (the one on the underside of the lid). It looks like it might have gotten jarred - which may be fixable with a quick tweak - both those are supposed to be glued into place so it may require a warranty exchange. Fingers crossed it’s the former!


There is a bad supply chain issue with us in tech. I have experimented on some other machines and at least in my opinion, there are lots of parts subbed out but in best judgement.

Other then a machine like Thunder, I challenge you to find one in a better situation right now…I follow lots of laser groups and seeing a lot of them with some bad issues. Glowforge is not doing to bad.

Maybe you are not the right fit to have a laser at this time. There is a new cricut that has great reviews.

However, if you want to seek help with other glowforgers, then I would recommend an edit to your request :slight_smile:

What items do you have in your backlog?


I wasn’t looking for judgment. Just guidance. I Just like to get what I pay for is all… I have a circut and I am very capable of operating a laser. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Very uplifting to help a girl out. A tech has reached out to me at this point.

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IMO, gender has nothing to do with anything in this thread.

I’m glad you were able to receive the support you were wanting.

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