Camera won’t take a picture

I really need some suggestions that work!
I cleaned my glowforge (not unplugging anything) just wiped it all down. Now it won’t do anything but tell me the camera can’t take a picture. It won’t calibrate or anything.
*all 5 connections have been checked
*I have contacted support and they have only told me to check my wifi and replace my black lid cable
*replaced black cable and still doesn’t work.
*I’ve blown it out with air
…still nothing and no response from Glowforge support from two days ago.
Help a girl out!!

If a new lid cable was correctly installed and that didn’t fix it, then it’s likely something was damaged during the cleaning and the machine will have to be replaced.

The connectors for those cables are extremely fragile. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the threads started here begin with “I cleaned my Glowforge then …”

Support is generally taking several days to respond it seems, and they don’t work weekends.

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